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Holistic writing

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My other qualifications include a Certificate In Education, working in further and higher education, an Open Arts Degree (First) with The Open University and a Creative Writing Masters Degree (distinction) with Salford University. I am currently researching and writing articles on Pilates and Yoga to compliment my work as an instructor.


Private Tuition

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As I’m particularly interested in using Yoga and Pilates to help heal and ease pain conditions, I also teach one-to-one sessions at Gatley Physiotherapy Clinic in addition to regular group classes. Currently I am free to book in private pilates and yoga sessions on Tuesday afternoons in Manchester and on Thursdays and Fridays in Sheffield. One-to-one classes cost £40 and last an hour. Please email me if you would like more information about organising a private session.


Matwork Pilates

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I teach matwork Pilates because it’s the most simple and accessible form and totally non-elitist; as long as you have a mat (or piece of carpet!) you can do it. In my sessions I will teach you the key principles of Pilates: relaxation, concentration, co-ordination, alignment, breathing, flowing movements, centring and stamina. I tend to teach multi-level groups, so will give you instruction on how to adapt your Pilates workout to suit you during the session.


My Yoga Background

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During my time as a Pilates instructor, I also completed the British Wheel of Yoga three year Diploma course with Jenny Boam. Studying with The British Wheel has deepened my understanding of Yoga on every level, from giving me a deeper understanding of the benefits of asana and their modifications to discovering more about the roots of Yoga and its philosophy. What I especially like about yoga is how it subtly begins to transform your whole life and outlook, not just your body! I’ve since attended workshops with many renowned teachers including Jivamukti instructor Cat Alip-Douglas and Ashtanga’s one and only Kino McGregor, as well as a trip to India in 2013 to see the Sivananda ashram at Neeyar Dam and practice with Sivananda and Hatha teachers in Kerala. The thing I love about yoga is that you always have something new to learn, because yoga has a way of telling you so much about yourself.


My Pilates Background

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Initially, I trained as a fitness instructor with YMCA Fit in 2003, then as a level 2 mat Pilates teacher (OCR Unit 9 Certificate) which gave me a good grounding in foundation Pilates work and teaching safe, effective classes. My level 3 Pilates matwork certificate with Future Fit Training involved completing a comprehensive series of case studies, and assessed group classes at both intermediate and advanced level. I have now been teaching Pilates for 9 years and have worked with people from all walks of life, from super fit athletes who want to hone their technique to those overcoming debilitating conditions like M.S, chronic fatigue or spinal injuries.


About Pilates

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Developed by Joseph Pilates as a slow, precise system of body conditioning to rehabilitate wounded soldiers during the First World War, Pilates is a holistic exercise discipline that focuses on strengthening the core muscles that support the spine. It’s brilliant for everybody as it empowers you to bring your body back into balance, teaching your fundamentals such as how to stand, sit and breathe correctly, helping to correct poor posture and reducing the likelihood of future injury. It’s also deeply relaxing, though it can be very challenging too!


About Me

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I discovered Hatha Yoga and Pilates in 2003 after a repetitive strain injury caused by typing for too many long hours forced me to give up a career as a writer in advertising. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise; the combination of physical work and relaxation/meditation elements made a big difference to my chronic pain symptoms and I ended up in a career I am really passionate about! Both yoga and pilates help improve your posture, increase flexibility and strength, and most importantly bring about a renewed sense of vitality and wellbeing. It’s a wonderful job and I love helping other people discover the many transformative benefits of mindful exercise.