The rewards of a regular yoga practice

By May 29, 2013 Blog No Comments

Yoga is both a fun and playful journey and a rewarding learning process. This ancient holistic practice can uplift your spirits and calm your mind. A regular yoga practice can build reserves of inner strength and flexibility that can help improve every area of life.

My new Wednesday morning hatha yoga class is gentle enough for beginners but also has a focus on alignment and technique that will benefit and challenge seasoned yoga-goers.Participants will be encouraged to become more sensitively attuned to their bodies and not to over exert themselves, adhering to the yoga principles of ‘ahimsa’ (non violence/competitiveness towards yourself and others) and also Patanjali’s interpretation of ‘asana’ as a steady, comfortable pose.

This new Wilmslow  yoga class is starting next Wednesday at 10am-11am at Dean Row Village Hall (check the timetable for further details). This is a lovely traditional village hall with lots of character, and is warm and cosy enough on bad weather days as it is centrally heated. You can choose to purchase the whole 10 week course for the specially reduced price of £50 or else drop in each week for £7 per session.

If you are thinking of coming along, please drop me a line so I have an idea of numbers – my email is [email protected]