Free Cardio Class Recording

By November 12, 2020 Blog No Comments

I am continuing to offer pilates and yoga classes online twice a week. You can also purchase a class recording of either on an ad hoc or weekly basis for the same price as the live zoom classes (£7/6).

In addition to pilates and yoga, I have teamed together with my old friend and fitness pal Sarah Frost to offer any of my regular pilates and yoga clients the opportunity to claim a free cardio workout! Check out this zoom chat introducing Sarah and this unique offer:

Sarah teaches her own unique blend of fun cardio fitness workouts called XO ciZe. She’s based over in Manchester, and now of course bringing all her enthusiasm and passion to offering online classes too. Sarah and I go back a long way (we were close friends in primary school!) so I am more than happy to recommend her as a teacher. Together we are offering a FREE recording of our classes to each other’s clientele. This enables us to offer you that little something extra in terms of challenge and variety. We’re also hoping it will go a little way towards lifting your spirits during this latest lockdown period when some forms of exercise at this time of year might feel more limited. If you want to try one of Sarah’s classes simply email her at [email protected] and mention ‘Leonie’s Yoga Pilates’. You will then get a link to a FREE cardio XO ciZe class. If you enjoy, then you may choose to do an online class with Sarah at some point during lockdown. Here is Sarah’s website: and
her facebook page: